Do you have trouble finding documents once they have been filed away? Are your employees spending more time than necessary searching for these documents?

Well then you should consider our Laserfiche Document Management Service in addition to our bookkeeping services to help increase the productivity of your business and thus your bottom line.

What is Laserfiche?

Laserfiche document management software assists you in organizing, managing, sharing and searching for documents securely and cost effectively.  Imagine an electronic filing cabinet, all of your paper and electronic documents can be imported into Laserfiche allowing you to free up storage space for more productive activities.

How does Laserfiche work?

All you have to do is scan your documents into Laserfiche and rest easy. Once the documents are imported into the program they are OCRed, which is a process that converts an image into editable and searchable text and securely stored in your Laserfiche repository and on our secure servers, never lose a document again!   Our Laserfiche Document Management software has implemented rigorous security measures preventing unauthorized access and offers access to controls and audit trails so you can maintain a close eye on who is accessing the documents and what they are doing with them.

Laserfiche Mobile for iPhone

  • Access your Laserfiche account from anywhere! You can gain instant access to your documents with the full search capability of the PC program.
  •  On the road and realized you forgot an important document? View, print and e-mail documents right from your phone!
  • Use your phone to upload pictures of documents and produce clean OCRed text that is instantly accessible to your colleagues.
  • The administrator can constantly monitor document access and retrieval allowing you to enforce standard operating procedures regardless of where your employee is located. With security features such as role-based authorization and access control you can ensure that your documents are always secure from unauthorized access.

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