Payroll: A Necessary, But Challenging Task for Small Business Owners

Payroll services are a high-volume, transaction-intensive task for small businesses to maintain. You must collect employee information accurately, maintain time records, adhere to strict deadlines, and determine appropriate withholdings. Failure to process your payroll accurately and on time can lead to interest, penalties, and other unforeseen business expenses.

Payroll Outsourcing Services

However, the work doesn’t end there: you must also file required payroll reports with federal, state, and local tax authorities. You must also report newly hired employees to the appropriate agencies and maintain unemployment records when employees are laid off or fired.

Because of all the potential headaches that come with payroll services, many small business owners choose to work with payroll outsourcing companies instead of processing paychecks in-house. 

Remote Quality Bookkeeping’s Small Business Payroll Services are here to support you, the small business owner. Although we can’t do everything related to payroll, such as reporting newly hired and newly fired employees, we can handle virtually everything else — including the most daunting tasks like calculating withholdings and generating paychecks. 
Just like our remote bookkeeping services, our online payroll service is cost-effective and gives you a team of experts working for you. Your data is secure and accessible to you anywhere, anytime.

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services

Your business can save time and money by outsourcing payroll and administrative tasks to us so your employees can focus on company growth and innovation. Reduce overhead and improve efficiency by having Remote Quality Bookkeeping handle your company’s payroll services. We provide a variety of payroll services for you to choose from. We will work with you to select the options that are best for you.


Time Calculations

Our payroll outsourcing services allow you to choose between entering hours yourself, asking us to enter hours, or establishing integrations with a third-party timesheet system.

Tax Withholdings

Tax Withholdings

We determine each employee’s accurate local, state, and federal withholdings based on laws, regulations, and hours worked per pay period, so you don’t have to do the math.

Payment Processing

Payment Processing

Once time calculations are entered, and tax withholdings are determined, we process your employee payments, with the option of issuing paper checks or using our direct deposit system.

Paystub Distribution

Paystub Distribution

With our payroll services, you can choose whether you want paper paychecks, direct deposit with digital paystubs, or PDF files to print paystubs locally.

Payroll Reporting

Payroll Reporting

Don’t worry about the paperwork: we produce and file all necessary reports, then provide you with weekly payroll reports.

1099 Services

1099 Services

We will create and issue the 1099s on your behalf. We’ll send you all the forms that need to be signed and sent to the IRS and keep a filing copy for your records.

What Makes Remote Quality Bookkeeping’s Payroll Outsourcing Different?

We are 100% United States-based. Anytime you call, you speak directly to a person in one of our two locations: Bridgewater, MA and Wells, ME, so your requests are heard, understood, and  taken care of immediately! If you have questions or concerns we will take the time to help you understand and help you correct any problems. It’s fitting to say that we become a member of your team.

We use QuickBooks to process payroll. This means:

  • All payroll expenditures are automatically tied into your books.
  • Payroll liability payments are booked into your register so you can forecast your cash flow.
  • We can modify payroll reports to your specifications, including job costing.

Our payroll processing team pays careful attention to detail and understands complicated tax legislation well, including important changes that affect how your records are kept or changes that need to be made in numbers or processes. 

Last, but not at all least, we charge one flat fee. We don’t increase payroll fees multiple times a year like some of our competition. With Remote Quality Bookkeeping’s flat pay structure, you always know what you’ll be charged for payroll, with no hidden surprises! What you’re quoted is what you will pay until your circumstances change, not ours.

If you are tired of the payroll hassle and the fear of incurring unnecessary interest or penalties, contact us today to learn how our small business payroll services experts can become part of your team.

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