This is the Bookkeeping Partnership Opportunity you have been seeking. Become a partner of Remote Quality Bookkeeping and we will help you expand your business! Call us at 866-567-4258 or complete or contact form to learn more!

Remote Quality Bookkeeping Partners

Remote Quality Bookkeeping Services and our partners work together to provide our clients with top-notch service. Here are a few of the Remote Quality Bookkeeping partnerships:

CPAs & Tax Preparer Partnerships

  • Daniel F. Cosgrove, EA – Riverbank, Inc.
  • Bill Ryan, CFP – Ryan Financial
  • Craig Shaffain, CPA – Walter & Shaffain P.C.
  • Robert M. Bibeault, CPA
  • Robert Coval, CPA
  • Feeley & Driscoll, P.C.
  • Bruce N. Hague, CPA
  • Edward C. Haden, CPA
  • Kenneth A. Waitt, CPA
  • Anthony Modesto, CPA
  • James P. Knox, Tax Attorney
  • Daniel P. McGrath, CPA
  • Maria Levin, CPA
  • Peter J. Roache, CPA
  • Caryn M. Feldman, CPA

Third Party Service Provider Partnerships

  • Qvinci – Custom dashboards for Quickbooks.
  • HKP specializes in identifying and claiming the tax credits available to your business.
  • Intuit Merchant Services – Credit Card Services
  • Intuit Payroll Services – Payroll
  • Paychex – Payroll
  • ADP – Payroll
  • Dyanmic Benchmarking – Benchmarking
  • Roy Whitaker, Consilium Advisory Group – Business Efficiency Consultancy
  • AustiCole Merchant Services – Credit Card Services


  • We’d like to announce a new partnership with Process Pink – a credit card processor that donates part of the proceeds from each transaction to the National Breast Cancer Foundation

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