Our Forensic Accounting Services

The Remote Quality Bookkeeping Team provides comprehensive forensic accounting services for small businesses. We will investigate your company’s finances for errors, lax accounting practices, oversights, and even possible illegal activity, such as fraud, theft, embezzlement. Additionally, we will offer other related services so you can rebalance your books and start fresh.

Investigation-Forensic Accounting Services


Our forensic accountants will investigate your business finances in a systematic and detailed manner, using numerous investigative techniques and analytical skills. We will then compile our findings for you.

Fraud Detection

Our primary objective as forensic accountants is to examine your financial records, transactions, and other documents to identify signs of fraudulent activities, such as asset misappropriation, financial statement manipulation, or insider trading.

Year End Tax Reporting-Bookkeeping for Franchises

Tracing Funds

If someone is laundering money or embezzling it, our forensic accounting team can help you trace the flow of funds. We will follow the money trail to determine how funds were moved, hidden, or used.

Expert Testimony-Forensic Accounting Services

Expert Testimony

In legal proceedings, our forensic accountants often serve as expert witnesses who provide testimony based on their findings. We can explain complex financial concepts and present our analysis to assist judges, juries, or arbitrators in understanding financial issues within your business.

Compliance-Forensic Accounting Services


Our forensic accountants know relevant laws, regulations, and accounting standards. We ensure all financial investigations are conducted in compliance with legal requirements. We also adhere to strict ethics to ensure anything we find can be used as evidence in court.


Remote Quality Bookkeeping’s forensic accountants produce detailed reports of our findings, which may include documentation of financial irregularities, supporting evidence, and recommendations for legal actions or remediation. These reports help you see any issues and get your financial records back on track.

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When is it Time to Hire a Forensic Accountant?

You’ve Fallen Behind

Without the right processes and systems, keeping up with financial reporting tasks and running your business simultaneously is hard. You probably are behind on filing your taxes, generating monthly reports, and settling your accounts payable/receivable. This can lead to headaches and financial mishaps that may cost your business.

When you hire us for forensic accounting services, you get a team of professionals at a fraction of the cost of one employee, which means no more sleepless nights for you. We will gladly take care of everything from developing the missing material to corresponding with the IRS and submitting your final return.

Internal Theft-Forensic Accounting Services

You Suspect Internal Theft

Fraudulent activity takes months and even years to detect. Many business owners don’t pick up on dishonest accountants until too late. This is why your business needs forensic accounting services from trusted professionals.

A financial audit or review by a certified public accountant (CPA) is not sufficient to identify fraudulent activity. Protect your business with the help of a forensic bookkeeper from our team who cares about the safety and security of your business. If you need forensic accounting services, our team of professionals can untangle your bookkeeping records and provide suggestions for a mere fraction of the price of a CPA.

Forensic Accounting Frequently Asked Questions

Forensic accounting is a specialized field investigating financial discrepancies, irregularities, and fraud for legal purposes. Forensic accountants are trained to examine financial records, transactions, and other financial data to uncover evidence that can be used in legal proceedings, such as litigation, disputes, or criminal investigations.

Forensic accountants can provide valuations of assets, businesses, or intellectual property in various legal contexts, such as divorce settlements, business disputes, or bankruptcy proceedings.

If a company suspects fraud, it should consult with a forensic accountant and legal counsel to initiate an investigation. It is important to preserve evidence and follow legal procedures throughout the process.

The duration of a forensic accounting investigation varies depending on the case’s complexity. Some investigations may be completed in weeks, while others could take several months or longer.

Forensic accountants maintain strict confidentiality during investigations to protect sensitive information and preserve the integrity of the process. They follow legal and ethical guidelines regarding information disclosure.