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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions regarding general pricing as well as other useful information.

I can tell you that most of our clients have plans ranging between $65/hr and $103/hr. However, since every business is different, the only way to provide you with a definitive price is to either call us at 866-567-4258 or request a quote online.

We have created three Pricing Plans to help you better understand the comparison between smaller and larger businesses, and to help you get an idea of where your business might fit into the equation.

We establish your custom price by requesting a screen share with you, to review the health of your current accounting and volume of activity you experience. Many things come into play that need to be understood. For instance you might have six credit cards but are only paying interest and making one payment on each – hence two transactions per month in five of the six credit cards. This example is not significant, but having six credit cards and using every one of them means someone has to download and codify your transaction activity and have it make sense for taxation and job costing if applicable. For reasons like this we tend to price clients based on tasks you may assign to us and the volume of activity behind those tasks.

We use a matrix developed to allow us to plug-in time per activity either by week, biweekly, monthly, quarterly or annually (see below image). Based on weekly or monthly reviews, we can quickly allocate time to specific activities so you can easily understand where time is being spent.

Typically, our prices are not more expensive. What may make them more expensive is volume. You will often find that competitors offering lower prices are not providing detail-oriented services, rather they are fitting you into a cookie-cutter process without you realizing it.  We are very flexible with our offerings and therefore tailor our pricing to accommodate your specific needs.

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Certified Adviser for Xero
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