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3 Questions to Ask Your Business Accountant

Some say money isn’t everything, but to your accountant, your money should be EVERYTHING. An accountant can take away the stress of managing your businesses’ financials and allow you to focus that time and energy into creating additional revenue. So how do you know if your accountant is right for you? By asking these three questions you can make sure that your accountant is the best suited for your business.


1. Are They Qualified?


Your accountant works for you. You want to verify their background just like you would your own employees to make sure they fit your business. That starts with verifying their qualifications.


  • Do they have a degree in their field? Or are they a registered CPA?

  • What are their qualifications? Is it specific to taxes in your area?

  • Are they an expert in their field or just starting out?


These are the type of questions that are important to figure out if your accountant is QULAILIFED for YOUR BUSINESS. By doing this first step, you can already rest a little easier knowing you are working with a professional who understands your business and filing procedures for your state.


2. What is the Scope of Their Business?


Accountants can vary in the work they do. Some may provide data entry, financial management, or be focused on taxes. It’s up to you to determine what you need out of your accountant, and make sure that aligns with the work they do.


  • Is one person handling your account or an entire team?

  • What different types of accounting do they offer?

  • How many clients do they have in your line of work?


This information can be vital in choosing between different qualified accountants. When it comes to your money, it pays to know how it’s being handled and who is handling it.


3. Are Their Services Worth the Price?


You’ve found a qualified accountant, and now you understand the services that they will provide, but is it worth the price? The answer to this question will vary from business to

business. To make sure you’ve selected the right accountant at the right price, you should know the following:


  • Are they helping me sustain my business and grow?

  • Is their management saving me from the stress of bookkeeping?

  • Do they provide cost-effective results?


Knowing these answers, will let you know if your accountant is worth the money. You want to be able to trust that your accountant is a true partner for your business and is going to alleviate financial headaches.  This will give you the opportunity to focus on what’s most important— YOUR BUSINESS.




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