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what is remote bookkeeping

What is Remote Bookkeeping?

Remote bookkeeping is an attractive option for small and emerging businesses in search of affordable financial management. As the name implies, remote bookkeepers work are outsourced team members who provide virtual support whenever needed and are often hired by businesses looking to reduce time spent on tasks, increase profitability, and minimize expenses. In this article,…

enrolled agent vs cpa

Enrolled Agent vs CPA: Which One Do I Need?

The financial field is full of acronyms, from AIR and APR to CD and ETF. When discussing financial help for your business, CPA and EA are two acronyms that may emerge, commonly listed side-by-side or used interchangeably. While CPA stands for certified public accountant, EA refers to an enrolled agent. However, these two financial professionals…

what is a profit sharing plan

What Is a Profit Sharing Plan?

Profit sharing plans, also known as employer discretionary contributions, are commonly confused with a variety of other employer-provided benefits, such as 401k plans. However, they are significantly different! As a small to mid-sized business seeking to create a reputable workplace for employees, learning the ins and outs of profit sharing plans is beneficial when deciding…