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enrolled agent vs cpa

Enrolled Agent vs CPA: Which One Do I Need?

The financial field is full of acronyms, from AIR and APR to CD and ETF. When discussing financial help for your business, CPA and EA are two acronyms that may emerge, commonly listed side-by-side or used interchangeably. While CPA stands for certified public accountant, EA refers to an enrolled agent. However, these two financial professionals…

remote coaching, remote business call

Remote Coaching for Accounting and Bookkeeping Tasks: Top 5 Benefits

Business owners consistently fight for increased efficiency and profitability when delegating business tasks. At times, personally taking on a task is the most effective option. Other times, outsourcing is the answer. Choosing between both paths is always a cause for deliberation. When should a small business owner pursue a remote, outsourced solution to a task…


Inventory Reporting 101

With many businesses ready to embrace the new year and a fresh start, now is the perfect time to organize and streamline your processes. Have you considered an efficient inventory reporting procedure? Are you in need of an inventory reporting 101? Below, we explore the basics of inventory reporting including what it is, how it…