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Finding an Outsourced Accountant: Tips Before You Choose

Traditionally, accounting wasn’t something businesses would outsource – in many manufacturing companies, it still isn’t. However, in the current digital sphere, especially one that focuses heavily on services, there are various ways a business can outsource its accounting operations.

Here are some tips that will help you choose an outsourced accountant. In addition, it will also help you understand why Remote Quality Bookkeeping offers outsourced bookkeepers and accountants who are professionals you can rely on!

Tip #1: Use Cloud Accounting Services

If you’re outsourcing accounting services, consider a cloud. Change is hard enough, so upgrade and consider consolidating your accounting needs on the cloud to make it easier. Data flows seamlessly to account books, so you won’t have to spend hours transcribing the data. The data also gets backed up automatically. A cloud accounting system will also have a dashboard that displays all critical financial information. These days, 82% of small businesses and 56% of enterprises use a cloud accounting system.


Tip #2: Outline Your Financial Goals

Your accountant can only help you if they understand your financial goals and needs. Identify the areas where your business needs the most support. Are you looking for an accountant who handles all your bookkeeping needs? Do you want one to handle your taxes? There are various accounting services, including:

  • Invoicing
  • Payrolls processing
  • Tax preparation
  • Long-term tax strategy

There are more services an outsourced accounting can help with. Analyze what you need first to tell an accountant accurately.

Tip #3: Find A Team With Experience

An accounting mistake can cost a company big time. Take Uber, for instance; an accounting error impacted the company’s bottom line. The impact is estimated to be around $45 to $50 million. A lack of experience and a subpar workflow will cause more problems later. Outsource to a team with industry experience because it will reduce the likelihood of problems. One thing to consider here is that the company you want to hire has experience with similar types of businesses as yours. They will have hands-on experience, and it will help you avoid common problems that can occur.


Tip #4: Consider The Costs

Many small business owners avoid outsourcing because they’re getting their feet off the ground, and it doesn’t make sense to them to spend money on outsourcing. But the fact is that most of the time, outsourcing is far more affordable than having a full-time employee handle the same task. Consider the opportunity cost of leaving this service and managing on your own. It also doesn’t need to be as expensive as you think. You can easily create a monthly budget and find a cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting firm.

Check Out Outsourced Bookkeepers & Accountants

Remote Quality Bookkeeping offers trustable outsourced bookkeepers and accountants online. We offer cloud bookkeeping with a team approach. Make your accounting seamless through our professionals, which include CPA and CFO level staff. Our cost-effective bookkeeping and accounting services will scan, post, and process all your AP invoices, pay your bills, deal with customer payments, and provide full payroll support.

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