What Does A Bookkeeper Do?

By now, many of you may be thinking the same thing. “what exactly does a bookkeeper do?” Well, while their job title may seem pretty simple, they actually have a lot of intricate duties they have to perform. A bookkeeper for any business, big or small, is someone who produces the financial records for the business. They keep track of all of the transactions, update statements, and check the financial records to make sure they are accurate. This is not the only things they do. There is a list…

  • Bookkeepers need to be proficient using spreadsheets and other databases along with bookkeeping software.
  • They do a lot of data entry; inputting numbers pertaining to income into those spreadsheets.
  • Keep track of cash, checks, vouchers and receipts.
  • Use software to add each cost and income into the correct accounts.
  • Produce reports of finances including balance sheets, income statements and totals.
  • Make sure figures, postings and reports are accurate.
  • Reconcile reports and share discrepancies.

As you can see, a bookkeeper has a lot to do during his or her day. Which means that paying them to do all of these duties will cost you a big chunk of change or you will experience a high turnover rate. When you hire Remote Quality, our amazing people will provide all of these services and you don’t have to pay us what you would pay an in-house bookkeeper. When it comes to outsourcing bookkeeping services, you will not find a better group of people to work with. Contact us today to find out why we are the best.

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