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What Is Workflow Automation and How Can Laserfiche Help?

Workflow automation is the process of automating certain business processes in order to increase workplace accuracy and efficiency. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, workflow automation has become crucial. However, due to the many misconceptions about these processes, many organizations are reluctant to implement this much-needed technology.

By automating workflow, companies can reduce the costs of employing someone to manually cater to all the company records. This method is not only inefficient but also makes the company prone to errors. Automated workflow software such as Laserfiche can help companies save money and complete all the tasks in a timely manner.

Read on to learn more about workflow automation benefits for companies and how Laserfiche can help with the process.

Benefits of Workflow Automation

Workplace Efficiency

One of the main benefits of workflow automation is that it helps in saving time and effort for the employees by automatically completing tasks in an organized and systematic way. You can use high-tech software to automate all the repetitive tasks and standardize the process in the organization. For example, you can easily automate the email series company receive to notify the employees of new sales.

Greater Productivity

By automating all the manual tasks in the organization, you and your team members will be able to focus on more important tasks that require time and focus to move your business forward. It will help in improving the company’s customer services.

Increased Compliance

Workflow automation can help you maintain bookkeeping compliance with regulatory requirements of the company and reduce the likelihood of violating any regulations that can result in penalties.

How Can Laserfiche Help?

Laserfiche Document Management service from an outsourced bookkeeping service provider can help boost your business efficiency. You can use this service to organize, manage, search, or even share important documents in a safe manner. It will reduce the chances of data breaches and theft of confidential information.

Laserfiche allows companies to file all the important documents electronically into a virtual cabinet, making it easier to fetch a file at any time.

How Does Laserfiche Document Management Work?

Laserfiche document management makes it easy for businesses to scan and store documents. All you need to do is scan the important data and store it in a file. The documents are OCRed, a process that converts all images into text. The text is then stored in the repository where it remains safe and secure.

Companies can ensure that only authorized personnel can access the file. This will not only reduce the chances of a data breach but you will never lose a file again. Outsourced accountants can keep a close eye on all the documents and take them out whenever required.

An outsourced bookkeeper using Laserfiche

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