Franchise Bookkeeping Services to help create standard charts of accounts and reporting to quickly understand the financial health of your franchise.

Bookkeeping Services for the Franchisee helps you create the reports that the franchise owner requires.

enrolled agent vs cpa

Enrolled Agent vs CPA: Which One Do I Need?

The financial field is full of acronyms, from AIR and APR to CD and ETF. When discussing financial help for your business, CPA and EA are two acronyms that may emerge, commonly listed side-by-side or used interchangeably. While CPA stands for certified public accountant, EA refers to an enrolled agent. However, these two financial professionals…

Business Survival in COVID-19

7 Tips to Business Survival in COVID-19

With uncertainty regarding how long the impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic will continue, experts suggest we are still in the beginning stages. Unfortunately, small businesses already feel the drastic affects. Whether this pandemic resolves within the next month or two or stretches on as a long-term crisis, we need to prepare. Therefore, it is time…

Creating a Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist

Monthly Bookkeeping Checklist

Small business owners who recently opened their doors may feel inexperienced with the operational tasks involving bookkeeping. Quickly, they understand that running a company involves more than selling products or services, growing your client base, and increasing revenue. For those inexperienced with accounting duties, we are here to help. Below, we discuss the basics of…

bookkeeper vs accountant - Do You Need an Accountant for a Small Business

Do You Need an Accountant for Small Business?

Operating a small business is demanding. Financial management, customer service, excellent communication, negotiation, project management, networking, and leadership are few of the many business skills required to be more profitable. Amidst daily demands, nagging requests, and unforeseen problems, small business owners often oversee a tight budget. According to the U.S. Small Business Administration, nearly 50%…

bank reconciliation

Bank Reconciliation for Small Businesses: Why It’s Important and How to Do It

Whether you use accounting software like Quickbooks, an Excel spreadsheet or your an old school ledger book, the ultimate goal of bookkeeping is to reconcile a trial balance. Said another way, the final total of debits and credits must match in order to complete the reconciliation of your accounts. As you may already be aware,…