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Should You Do Your Business Taxes By Yourself?


When you’re in the first few years of running a business, every penny counts. Many business owners put in long hours of work just to avoid the extra expense of hiring employees during the early years. So when it comes time to file taxes, many business owners struggle with the decision to pay for small business accounting services.

While it may seem like you can just pay $30 for the deluxe version of TurboTax and take care of everything in one weekend, business taxes are often more complicated than anyone expects.

Below are three important reasons to consider our small business accounting services to make tax season easier for your company.

Business Assets

Does your business have credit and debit cards? Have you bought or sold physical assets like electronics, furniture, or even a commercial property in the past year? Figuring out how to take the proper deductions for these types of business assets can be complicated, and even if you do all the math yourself, how do you know the IRS will agree? Our experienced small business accountants know handle each and every one of these assets in the right way.

Tax Assessment

Did you know tax laws change almost every year? Small business accountants make it their business to know the ins and outs of the tax code so that your company is always in compliance with the latest regulation.

Audit Protection

If you take on the task of filing your own business taxes and the IRS finds a problem, even years down the road, you’ll be held fully responsible. However, if you utilize accounting services designed for small business, you’ll often have the option to purchase audit protection. For a nominal fee, you’ll have the full assistance and correspondence of the accountant who prepared your taxes in the event of any inquiry by the IRS.

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