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1040 form from the Internal Revenue Service (Tax Guide for Small Business icon)

3 Things Small Business Owners Should Know About Federal Income Taxes

Taxes can be one of the most challenging parts of the accounting process for small businesses. That’s why Remote Quality Bookkeeping™ is proud to partner with many of these companies, using our online accounting services to make tax time easy instead of stressful. When you hire us to provide online accounting services, we organize, process,…

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Is Your Small Business Ready for the Proposed OT Changes?

This July will mark one year since the Department of Labor (DOL) proposed new terms for overtime exemption regulations which would more than double the minimum salary requirement for white collar exemptions. The finalized requirements are expected to be released later this year, leaving small business owners with a limited amount of time to ensure…

Mark Kilduff recognized in an article by Boston Globe for being Paperless - Green

RQB’s Competitive Edge

Mark Kilduff, President of Remote Quality Bookkeeping, takes to the streets to share RQB’s competitive edge — technology. Cloud based bookkeeping was the first big RQB advantage. Client’s could securely push their information to the cloud and Remote Quality Bookkeeping could immediately access the client’s information. This was a huge time and cost saver for…